FAQs for Muslim Burial Care ‘MBC’

What shall I do if someone has died?

Contact the GP or the Ambulance services immediately 

How does the MBC process work?

MBC will receive a phone call from the next of kin of the deceased

We will request the family to get the green form, this form will be provided by the registrar and allow the burial to go-ahead

Once we receive the green form, we will arrange transport for the pickup of the deceased from his/her location (Home, Hospital, or Care Home)

We will transport the deceased to the washing facility and carry out their rites.

From the washing facility we will either take the deceased to the family home as requested by the next of kin or to the burial grounds (this will depend on a case-by-case basis) 

How are you able to provide services for free?

We receive donations from the Muslim community which allow us to provide the services we are offering for free 

Can I Volunteer?

Yes, we have a variety of positions which you can volunteer for, namely:

  • Driver – Transporting the deceased from their home, hospital or care home to the washing area and to the burial grounds
  • Ghusl and shrouding – participating in the washing of the deceased and shrouding
  • Burial grounds – assisting in burying the deceased

Where do you keep the deceased if burial is delayed?

We work with a number of mosques that have storage facilities. If required, we can use those facilities.

Most mosques have a fee which can be arranged directly with the family and the mosque. 

Can I participate in the washing of a family member?

Up to four family members can participate in the washing process. In the current circumstances, due to Covid-19 regulations, this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Can I contact MBC for end-of-life support?

MBC do not provide end of life care support as a service; however, we have close contact with Chaplains within various hospitals across London.

Will MBC cover the cost of the grave space for those unable to afford it?

MBC is unable to provide this, however we can provide guidance on how to seek funding to assist family/friends.